My passion to cook and the desire to share it brings to you Garnish and Savour. Food is a personal choice and experience. Techniques and choice of tools may be judged to be right or wrong, but not flavours. The flavours that work for you are the right flavours. The food that works for you, that makes your body feel good, is the right food for you.This does not entail that one stops to explore. God gave us a palate to enjoy millions of flavours. God also gave us the intellect to decipher the effects of different food/ingredients on our system. The fact that you are on this page is a sign that you want to explore, experiment and take good care of yourself. Keep trying new food from different cultures, different families, different cooks, for you do not know what surprises await you there. They all will have novel experiences and ways to offer which one must accept with humility and respect towards its people and geography. Now, make an interesting yet informed choice of food, that is best suited for your system.

Food is an important part our respective traditions, cultures and histories. The knowledge of food and systems of nourishment are ancient. It comes down from generations and has evolved over thousands of years through painstaking research. Designing of a recipe took considerable thought with respect to it’s ingredients (locally available) and the desired effect on our body. Our ancient wings of medicine also give importance to respective food preparation for varied ailments/ conditions. They say you do not need a doctor if you know how to use spices to your advantage. In India ingredients were carefully chosen and specific methods of cooking were designed for specific physical activity, hence developing three ranges of ‘appropriate’ food: Rajasic, Satvic and Tamasic .

With the development of science and technology our  lifestyle has become sedentary. Unfortunately our food habits have remained as they were in earlier times, the times when life was managed with sheer physical strength and not technology. Today, our food choices do not contribute to our physical well being. Or shall one say our physical activities do not correspond to our everyday intake. Wrong choice of food is a major cause of health problems all over the world. It is important to choose the right food according to one’s physical activity and needs.

Imparting knowledge of food and the right cooking skills is the way forward to combat our health problems. Just imagine if one knew how to make fresh cutlets instead of using stale frozen ones from the supermarket or make fresh soup using fresh seasonal vegetables instead of using the stale, dried, packaged soup mixture. What do you gain from habitually cooking fresh? One, you avoid the harmful chemical and physical changes that ingredients go through when they get stale. Stale food is also difficult to digest. Two, you avoid ingesting harmful chemical preservatives in packaged foods. Result, you have a relaxed ,energetic, healthier body by the day.

To take your food in the right direction, one needs to know how different spices and ingredients behave. You obviously will not add salt to a sweet dish like kheer or red chilli powder to jalebi! Its because you know the direction in which salt and red chilli powder will take you. Hence, you might try and take your kheer to a higher level by adding a few drops of kewra water, or rose water. Just imagine if one did not know the possibilities offered by kewra or rose water .Here is where our ingredients tab will help you. It is about the numerous possibilities and basic know how of different ingredients. It shall guide you to harvest the maximum benefits out of ingredients.

You can be here for many a reason. Learn about ingredients, get ideas, learn tasty recipes, watch them, print them, cook them. The best way to learn to cook is to cook. You need not learn the recipes necessarily, just draw ideas out of them. You know your lifestyle best. No one can cook best for you other than yourself. Cooking yourself also means a great regulating opportunity( of fats/ carbohydrates/proteins etc). So design your food yourself for your best and kind rejuvenation. Make your own recipes, add zing to your flavour, your way. And most importantly, pass on the knowledge of food to as many as possible for the greater good of a healthier mankind.

Good luck for your culinary endeavours and experiences! It will be a joyride for sure!