Onion is a vegetable and belongs to the bulb family of plants like garlic. They are grown almost everywhere in the world and is one of the ingredients which is used in most cuisines of the world. They are available in three colours, yellow ,white and red. 

The bulbs of onion are used in many ways, as base for curries ,chutneys and sauces,  for tempering curries, soups, rice dishes, its pulp and sometimes juice is used for marinations etc.

When cooked they give a subtle sweet note to the dish. It is used for many purposes like forming a base of curries and chutneys, it is also used to giving a strong flavour to rice dishes like pulao, and biryani, tempering curries, soups, khichdi, marinations etc. Parantha Onion greens and the bulbs are both used in making salads. The greens can also be used as a vegetable to make dishes and to make fried Indian snacks (pakodas).

It must be stored in a well ventilated area and not along with other vegetables, as it tends to make things decay faster usual.

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